Elicit Music – Kyran

With an ever growing roster, Elicit Music is becoming a valuable service to a range of artists.

Kyran and his team provide the artists with the contacts they need to build their foundations for a successful future in the music industry.

Matthew Cotterill – Record Producer

Matt is both an experienced record producer and musician, therefore he is acquainted with both sides of the studio glass.

He is also affiliated with Flipside Recording studios, which is a fully equipped recording studio, with multiple rooms for mixing, producing and performing.

Fat Penguin Management – Chris

Chris is a consultant to Jamin Records on a variety of subjects.

His company offers a range of services including publishing, PR and management.

He also runs the Music Managers Forum in Birmingham, bringing the local music community together.

‘We also have a PR and marketing team, who between them have over 40 years of experience.  This enables Jamin Records to be at the forefront of the industry.’